When my wife doesn’t sleep well or not at all, she is terrible the next day…repeats same questions over and over. How can I realistically get her off the same question or multiple questions? After giving her a sleeping pill/anixety med she gets back to “normal.” -Gabe K.

It’s good that you know what leads to the bad days. It’s so hard when they ask the same question over and over. I’ve sometimes had good luck with writing the answer on a piece of paper that a person can hold. A distracting activity, like music, a task, or a game might help break the pattern. A change of environment might help you launch a new subject of conversation. Can you invite someone over to give you a break for a while? I would try to be proactive about the sleep and establish a bedtime routine, maybe with some warm milk or herbal tea. In the midst of answering for the 100th time, promise yourself something nice at the end of the day (and make sure you follow through)!

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