Dementia caregiver facts and figures

You are not alone. 

If you are caring for a person living with dementia in the nine-county area surrounding and including Rochester, NY, you are one of an estimated 105,000 caregivers helping to provide various forms of care for 28,000 people diagnosed with dementia. More than one in five of all people age 50 and over within New York State provided care to someone with dementia during the previous month.

Caregiver Demographics

Dementia caregivers are more likely to be female than male and are at an increased risk of medical and psychiatric comorbidities, dementia, higher rates of mortality, social isolation, and financial loss. Twenty percent of all caregivers suffer from depression, which is twice the national average. 

At Home Dementia Care Costs                                                                                 

Dementia caregivers spend more than $400 per month on dementia care, medical expenses, and food. Sixty-seven percent of caregivers reported reducing their own living expenses to pay for caregiving costs. 

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