Experienced caregivers

Advice for caregivers at home

If you have been caring for a loved one living with dementia for some time, you will have different questions from one just starting the journey. Although every person’s situation is unique, St. John’s has the practical experience to provide a perspective that can be useful to you.

Throughout this website, you will find caregivers we have interviewed who will tell you about their experiences. They also talk about their strategies for keeping their loved ones engaged, ways they have been able to find joy for themselves and their loved ones, and how to recognize and deal with change, the one constant as the dementia journey progresses. You will also find links to other resources, including our blog, which includes articles of interest to caregivers at home.

Licensed clinical social worker Sybil Prince explains why dementia care of a loved one is particularly stressful—because the person is physically present, but his/her personality is dramatically changing, resulting in a sense of loss for the caregiver.