How do I connect with other sufferers of dementia with early symptoms like myself? -Ginny P.

The best way to form safe connections with other people with dementia is through sponsored support groups.

Try contacting the Alzheimer’s Association to see if there is a peer support group in your area. The site Alzheimer’s Association web site also has a page that refers to the Yates Office of the Aging in Penn Yan.

 Yates County Office for Aging, Penn Yan, NY

The Dementia Alliance, which is an organization specifically for people living with dementia, might also be a good resource for you. The Dementia Alliance could possibly make referrals for you to support groups of local people with dementia, or provide a means for connecting with people virtually.

Become a member | Dementia Alliance International

I understand your interest in meeting other people with dementia who are on similar journeys as your own. I wish you the best in your search for connection.

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